Data Verification Portal Instructions

***Special Instructions***
  1. Selection of Students for issuance of Registration Certificates by pressing “Verified and Selected” button can only be done for the students who have got admission in Class X.
  2. Please check twice whether the data of the students are correct or not. If some error found you can edit the data by pressing “Edit” button.
  3. Please press “Verified and Not Selected” button for those who have not been admitted in class – X in the session 2022.
  4. Please do not put any punctuation mark and any honorific title such as Sri, Smt., Kumari, Mst.,Musammat or any special character in any field provided to you. If any discrepancy found in the data, Board has every right to stop issuance of Registration Certificate of that particular Candidate(s).
  5. Please check twice before “Submit Final Data”. After submitting of the final data of your school, you are not eligible to edit any data of any student.
  6. You have to download the edited data of the students of your school.
  7. Once the pdf copy of your school’s data generated, a copy of it shall be signed by the candidate or parent of the candidate and to be submitted to the Board as and when asked.
  8. An “Edit List” will be provided to every Institution at the time of delivery of Registration Certificates for “Verified and Not Selected” Candidates with reason of non-issuance.
***Instructions for Online Verification of Data***
Step 1

Go to the URL:

Step 2

Now click on login and then you get the following page:

Step 3

For the 1st time enter your school index (in CAPITAL and without any special character eg. "G5123" as your username and "password" all in small letters as your password. After this you get a profile form only for the first time wherein you fill your name, email and phone number. Then you are sent to a page to change your password given below and this is only for the 1st time login. After this process whenever you login, just enter the school index as username and the changed password or the new password as your password.

User profile page : (only for the 1st time login )

Change password : (only for the 1st time login )

Step 4

Once the password is changed then you are redirected to your school dashboard wherein you get your school index and name. Below that is a table which tells the figure of Male Candidates, Female Candidates, Total Candidates, Total students who are selected for the issuance of registration cards and total students who are not selected for the issuance of registration cards. Now on top of the students table you see a button saying "Start Editing data". Whenever you click this button it takes you to the first candidate's detail in your candidate list. The screen is given below for the students list:

Step 5

Now clicking the “Start Editing Data” Button, get the following screen:

Go through the details of the candidate and if no changes are required and the candidate is selected for the issuance of Registration card, then click on "Verified & Selected" otherwise click on "Verified & Not Selected". In case if any changes is required to be made in the data then click on the edit button and the details open in an editable format as given below. Once the editing has been done and submitted, then you can click on Selected or Not Selected.

Step 6 (Editing Phase)

Make the changes where ever required and press the submit button. For the fields given below :

  1. NAME
  5. CASTE

If any changes are made in the above mentioned field then a supporting document has to be mentioned as the Admission Register, Caste Certificate, Birth Certificate etc in the page that appears on pressing the submit button as given below:

If the picture of the student needs to be replaced or the picture is missing, move the mouse over the picture and click to select the new image from your local machine.

The updated picture will only reflect once the changes are saved.
The picture should be of jpeg format only and should not exceed 100KB.

Step 7

Once all the candidates data has been marked as selected and not selected , you go to the school dashboard and get a new button of “SUBMIT FINAL DATA” as given below:

Step 8

Once you click in the submit final data button, a declaration page occurs as given below:

Step 9

On accepting the terms, enter the name of the Verifier of the data and submit. A final data list after verification is generated in pdf format which can be downloaded by pressing download report on the bottom of the page and printed. A Sample is given below:

Step 10

The pdf Report is given below: